Badges, first try


The following is a list of the expected badges I would need to earn while on this adventure. Please note, however, that I never finished this version of the game! Find out why at Game Over.


Fingerprints badgeFingerprints badge
completed 5 August 2012

Deadline badge with clockDeadline badge
completed 12 December 2012

Double fingerprints on a blue fieldFingerprints badge, level II
completed 27 January 2013

Red badge with certificateBirth certificate badge
completed 28 February 2013

Two rings with a yellow frameItalian documents badge
completed 12 April 2013

Badge with FBI sealCriminal background check badge: FBI background check
completed 11 October 2013


Criminal background check badge
b. State background check

Apostille badge
a. Criminal background checks
b. Birth certificate

Official translations badge
a. Criminal background checks
b. Birth certificate

Italian documents badge 2
a. Tax information
b. Completed “Modello A

Final payment badge

Application submission badge


2 thoughts on “Badges, first try

  1. This is a really helpful list…very different than the documents needed when applying for citizenship through blood.

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Date to submit applicationSeptember 10th, 2015
Time to submit my application for dual citizenship!
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