Final step: Application badge walkthrough


September 5, 2015 by JL Walker

Before starting the final step in your Italian citizenship application, make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • All badges must be completed.
  • Your name must be identical on all documents, as stated on the Milan Prefettura website (information in Italian).
  • All documents (except your birth certificate) need to have been issued less than 6 months earlier. If they are older than 6 months, they will be considered invalid.

Post office payment and marca da bolloStep 1 – Pay €200 processing fee and €16 marca da bollo
Before you can complete your application, you will need to pay a processing fee and purchase a marca da bollo.
For the bulk of the fee, you need to pay a €200 bollettino at the post office. Save the information from the Prefettura website with the info on who to make out the payment to. Take a number, then start filling out the form. Ask the nice man at the counter if you filled it out correctly and he will quickly produce an already completed form (who knew there was such a demand for Italian citizenship application payment forms?). Say goodbye to your hard-earned money, knowing it’s for a good cause.
Because it would be too simple to make only one payment one time, you need to go to a different location to pay the remaining €16 of your application fee. Fortunately, the marca da bollo is easier. Just go to any tabacchi and it should be available for purchase. Remember: cash only.

Step 2 – Register on the website
Insert your full name, email address and password to register on the Ministero dell’Interno’s immigration website. You will receive a confirmation email before you can login and start the application.

Step 3 – Complete all 17 sections
Basic personal info is required, including when you first came to Italy and general information about your spouse. One of the sections requests info on your places of residence after the age of 14. You may need to do some research to find out the dates and addresses of where you lived before moving to Italy.

Fireworks badgeStep 4 – Upload documents
As part of the application, you will need to scan and upload all the documents you’ve gathered over the past six months, including the post office receipt for the processing fee. Since documents cannot be larger than 3MB, you might have to compress some of the larger PDFs. The marca da bollo is inserted by typing in its ID number.

Step 5 – Click send!

After you click send, make sure you save and print a copy of the completed application form and the receipt stating the date and time it was submitted.

Congratulations, you have finally achieved your goal of applying for dual Italian citizenship, less than six months after you started your second try! What an accomplishment!

Final applicationDate completed: July 30, 2015

Now what?
Now you wait. After your application’s initial review, you should receive a case number that you can use to check the progress of your file.
Expect to wait between 2 and 4 years before you actually get citizenship. Keep all original copies of your documents and the printout of your application and receipt because they might be verified at some point. The Ministero dell’Interno recently switched to an online application instead of the old paper snail mail application, so we can only hope that this will speed up the whole process.

I’ll keep you posted when I hear back from the Ministero dell’Interno and if I officially become an Italian citizen!


5 thoughts on “Final step: Application badge walkthrough

  1. Nathan says:

    Very helpful info! I’m worried about the 6 month deadline as I go through the document collection process. I feel like it will take longer than 6 months to get everything from all over the nation and Italy. Does the clock start when the copy is first issued, or when the apostille is applied? Any words of wisdom on avoiding the restart like you had to would be helpful.

    • JL Walker says:

      The date each document was issued is what’s important, so not the apostille date. My biggest worry was that the federal background check (FBI) and apostille wouldn’t be ready on time and that I would just have to redo my state background check. Even though I requested both at the same time, they were issued months apart. Of course, each state will be different, so that could also make a difference for you. Let me know if you have any other questions and “in bocca al lupo”!

    • Nathan says:

      Wow – so basically any of the italian documents I’ve gotten so far (a birth and marriage certificate) won’t be any good since 6 months will pass before everything else will be ready and I can fully apply? Am I correct that some US documents like my birth certificate / marriage certificate don’t have recent dates of issue so they aren’t need to be under that? I just saw birth called out on their website…

      How do you squeeze/time the issuing of all the documents and getting apostilles within a 6 month window? Some of the processing along even on the US side takes up to 2 months haha. Sorry for the newbie questions 🙂

    • JL Walker says:

      The birth certificate and marriage certificate are always valid (my birth certificate was issued a few years ago). So yeah, the problem is getting all the certifications and translations of the other US docs ready within that 6-month window. It’s doable, but it helps to have someone helping you out in the US to receive and resend the docs to get certified. At least one of my two background checks states that it is only valid for a certain period of time. I just checked the Prefettura di Milano website and it no longer states that docs are only valid for 6 months, and it doesn’t mention marriage certificates (presumably because the government already has proof of that), so don’t worry too much about that.

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