FBI criminal background check badge walkthrough


July 3, 2015 by JL Walker

To complete this badge, you must be in possession of the Fingerprinting II badge.

Step 1
Go to the FBI website with information on requesting a criminal background check. Full instructions of how to complete your request are found there. You will have to fill out 2 forms, the request form and the credit card form. (You can also make the $18 payment through a certified check, instead of a credit card.) Like usual, use a US address to cut down on transit times. Mail the forms, along with your fingerprints card. Place the envelope in your mailbox and pull up your mailbox flag so your mail carrier knows a letter needs to be collected.

Step 2
Wait. For security reasons, it takes the FBI offices at least 10 weeks to process all mail they receive. If you don’t receive your background check document in the mail after this 10-week period is over, you can call the FBI to inquire about the status of your request (I found the CJIS phone number after lots of browsing: (304) 625-2000). When you call, they’ll let you know if they have received your request and if it has been entered into the system. They may also tell you that you filled out the credit card form incorrectly and they were not able to process your request.

Badge with FBI sealStep 3
Fill out the credit card form again. Double and triple check all the numbers and information on the form. Fax it to the number you have been provided with. (There are lots of easy-to-use and cheap online fax services if, like me, you haven’t used an actual fax machine in decades.) Call the FBI again to make sure they have received the fax and that your request can be processed.

A few days later (and over 3 months after you mailed your request application) your trusted assistant in the US will receive your background check in the mail! It will state: “A SEARCH OF THE FINGERPRINTS PROVIDED BY THIS INDIVIDUAL HAS REVEALED NO PRIOR ARREST DATA AT THE FBI. THIS DOES NOT PRECLUDE FURTHER CRIMINAL HISTORY AT THE STATE OR LOCAL LEVEL.”

Congratulations, you have successfully completed this badge!

Completed: June 19, 2015


3 thoughts on “FBI criminal background check badge walkthrough

  1. I think you are providing a really important service here. As I creep toward possibly doing this myself, I think God your website is here rich with useful, really useful, information. Thanks so much!

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