FBI and state criminal records fingerprinting badge walkthrough


May 23, 2015 by JL Walker

Step 1: Getting there
Purchase plane ticket for your home state.

Step 2: Looking for the right office
Convince your most loyal family members (thanks Mom and Husband!) to lend their time and a vehicle to your cause.
Go to your local police station. Be careful where you park, as the place is crawling with officials who can give you a ticket. Go to the window and request fingerprinting service for both state and federal background checks. (Remember that for your Italian citizenship application, criminal background checks are required for each country and state where you have lived since age 14.) They will tell you that they do not offer this service, but the local university police department does. Get directions for the second location.

Fingerprints badgeStep 3: State fingerprinting
Go to the second location. Request fingerprinting service again. You’ll receive confirmation that you’re in the right place this time! You will be given a form to fill out. Make sure you write citizenship application in the “reason” section. You will be told that for the Ohio  state criminal background check, submitted to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), digital fingerprinting is accepted. You will have to pay a $22 fee, the office will submit the BCI form that day and you will simply need to wait for the results to arrive in the mail. Congratulations! You’re done with the first fingerprinting badge!

Step 3a: Federal fingerprinting
For federal background checks through the FBI, ink fingerprinting is required. Your hands will get very black and dirty and you will need to clean the ink off with a gritty soap and wash your hands several times. You will be given your fingerprints form to mail to the FBI at your leisure.

Double fingerprints on a blue fieldStep 4: Submitting fingerprints to the FBI
Go home and make your envelope out to:
FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306
Fill out the form available on the FBI website and include your credit card info to pay for the service ($18), or pay by certified check or through a money order. Congratulations! You have successfully completed both fingerprints badges!

Completed: March 12, 2015

Remember that you can get fingerprinted in Italy, it just means longer mailing times back to the States.


4 thoughts on “FBI and state criminal records fingerprinting badge walkthrough

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m about to wade through all this, I think. But reading your blog makes me not want to. Argh.

    • JL Walker says:

      You can do it! If you take out the name changes, it’s really not that many steps. I think it’s just important to be prepared for the unexpected and to keep that 6-month deadline in mind for criminal records. And let me know if you have any questions!

  2. […] completing your first fingerprinting badge, you will pay the $22 fee and the fingerprinting office will send your application to the state […]

  3. […] Prerequisite To complete this badge, you must be in possession of the Fingerprinting II badge. […]

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