#whyilovemilan contest


November 17, 2014 by JL Walker

Do you love Milano? I certainly do!

During my first visit, the city was like an excerpt straight out of Italy Calvino’s Marcovaldo, the La città tutta per lui chapter: “By the 15th of the month all of them were actually gone. Except one. Marcovaldo was the only inhabitant not to leave the city. He would go out to take a walk downtown, in the morning. The streets opened before him, broad and endless, drained of cars and deserted; the facades of the buildings, a gray fence of lowered iron shutters and the countless slats of the blinds, were sealed, like ramparts.”

At the time it happened to be August 15, ferragosto, the day when locals do their best to get out of the city to enjoy the seaside or just spend time with family. I was only here for a few days on my way home after a trip around Italy and I was completely clueless about the holiday. But that experience left a weird impression: imagine huge, empty piazzas and darkened, monumental buildings, a large Italian ghost town. Fortunately, this didn’t stop me from coming back to study in Italy’s most cosmopolitan city a few years later, when I discovered the various facets of Milan during the rest of the year. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Cityscape framed by Duomo

Looking toward the future while rooted in tradition

I’ve always like the mix of modern fashion and design and traditional history and architecture that you can find in just about every corner of this city. And of course, Milan is where I met my husband and where he’s lived all his life, so over the years he’s shared the hometown pride he feels being a Milanese and an Italian.

Another of my marito‘s passions is photography, so he’s combined the two by participating in the photo contest, #whyilovemilan, sponsored by Baglioni Hotels.

If you have a good photo of Milan, you can enter it on Instagram (see the contest website for details) and if you’re just interested in browsing some pretty cool photos of the city I now call home, you should definitely check out all the pictures in the contest.

The picture my husband entered (username mycincinnati69) is currently in 6th place out of 85 (not bad, eh?) and we just need a few more votes to be in the top 5. That would make us eligible to win a 3-night stay at any location of Baglioni Hotels in Italy or the UK!

If we win, we’re planning to take a trip to London to see the Big Ben, the London Eye and the Making of Harry Potter. I’ll definitely post some cool pictures from our trip for all my faithful followers if our picture is chosen. And I’ll be able to give you some insider info on what the UK capital is like these days.

So, vote for our picture! Then I’ll tell you how much I love London!


2 thoughts on “#whyilovemilan contest

  1. JL Walker says:

    Thanks to everyone who voted! Today’s the last day of the contest, so share your love of Milano — by voting for our photo 😉

  2. […] and show him around! Not to mention see some sights that I missed the first times. (I even wrote a post about my dream to go back for a travel contest!) And besides, I need to go back for a few important reasons: Harry Potter World is located just […]

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