Game over!


June 17, 2014 by JL Walker

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” -Aaliyah

An Aaliyah song from the late ’90s wisely advises listeners to Try Again if they don’t make it the first time. This advice to her potential suitors can actually be extended to a lot of other situations in life. When you try something new, you just might fail. But as long as you allow yourself to learn and then try the same thing just a little differently, you really haven’t really lost.

This song has been going through my mind for awhile. And it’s in reference to my citizenship application, the main topic of this blog.

A few months ago now, the Prefettura di Milano website finally published very detailed instructions regarding citizenship application documentation. I had always heard an unconfirmed rumor from various sources that documents are only valid for 6 months and now there was some concrete information available.

According to the Prefettura website, that rumor is very true.

After I read this new info, I checked the dates on my criminal background documents and saw that the earliest was issued by the FBI a full year earlier. Way over the 6-month limit. Oops. I had just requested an estimate on getting official translations done, costing about 250 euros, but fortunately I was able to cancel the job in time.

So I’ve decided to wait till I go back to the US to do my background checks again, along with all the related apostilles and other verifications. That way, I won’t waste time sending docs across the Atlantic multiple times. I would HIGHLY recommend other people applying for Italian citizenship to do as much bureaucratic legwork as possible in their home country. Learn from my mistakes!

"GAME OVER. Thank you for playing. Please try again"

Game over. Time to start over again from the beginning. The great thing about repeating a level (or the entire game!) is that it’s a whole lot easier the second time around. Video games, which are the inspiration for this blog, are great at teaching you that failure doesn’t mean the end, forever. It simply allows you to learn from your mistakes. And become a better player in the long run.


3 thoughts on “Game over!

  1. Oh my goodness, girl, you have been through the wringer on this!! Well, I can tell you this: if I ever decide to go for it, I am rereading your blog from beginning to end and taking notes!!!!!

    • JL Walker says:

      Thank you for the support! It was a bit of a blow to find out I had gotten so far only to be back to square-one, but I’ve gotten over it. (It took me awhile to be able to publish this part of the story!) I will be updating in a year’s time when I start the process all over again!

  2. […] Anyone who has followed along on my blog might remember that I started this game awhile ago, way back in the summer of 2012. After many months (ok, over a year) of wading through Italian and US bureaucracy, Milan’s prefettura website finally published information on their website stating very clearly that most documents required for the citizenship application are only valid for 6 months. So game over, back to the drawing board. […]

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