Italian documents badge walkthrough


April 12, 2013 by JL Walker

Ufficio Anagrafe and flagsPlayers

  • Protagonist (that’s you!)
  • Spouse
  • Information booth specialist
  • Marriage certificate specialist
  • General documents specialist


  • Local Ufficio Anagrafico (physical space)
  • City government website (virtual space)

Items for backpack

  • Passport and permesso di soggiorno
  • Photocopy of spouse’s ID
  • Spouse’s “proxy”
  • Pen

Getting ready
Get prepared for this day by gathering your backpack items and setting aside about an hour for your visit to the Ufficio Anagrafico (it could take less time, but you should always calculate for unforeseen adventures).

Then, choose the most convenient office for you. Keep in mind that the larger the office, the better chance you may have of getting quick access to the documents you need. There may be more people making requests, but there should also be more public workers available to help you!

Step One
Once you get to your location of choice, the first step is to go to the information booth and explain what you have to do. They will direct you where to pick up the right ticket for the proper booth.

To get your atto integrale di matrimonio, there is a specific section of the Ufficio Anagrafico, very close to the information booth, with a special kind of ticket to pick up: it looks like those number dispensers you see at grocery stores when you need cheese or cold cuts (is it just me or do those look like roosters?). You probably won’t have to wait too long, and you will be given a form to fill out while you’re waiting. Write down all your information and your significant other’s info. Be sure to put the right names in the right blanks, looking at the helpful “-o” and “-a” gender-specific endings. If you make a mistake, just cross it out and write the right name and date and place of birth. The form isn’t really official, it’s just to help the public worker plug the info into his computer, so a few black lines here and there aren’t a big problem.

After working at his computer and printing out your document, the marriage certificate specialist will ask you to pay the required €0.26 for your document (make sure you have correct change!). You will say “grazie mille!”, look satisfyingly at your certificate which certifies that you are indeed married, and get up to leave.

Larger view of Milan Ufficio AnagrafeStep Two
Then you can go back to the information booth specialist and tell them the second part of your mission: a certificate of citizenship for your spouse, a certificate of your family household, and a certificate stating your place(s) of residence in Italy.

These documents are all available at the same place, a larger room towards the back of the building. Take a number and wait patiently, and feel free to take a seat on one of the many seats available. Your number will appear on the mega numbers’ board and you’ll have to look around for the right teller.

You probably won’t have to wait long (that’s why you chose the main office!) and then you’ll explain to the nice general documents specialist what you need and that you’ve brought your spouse’s ID and proxy so that you can request his certificate of citizenship. She will explain that the three documents required for the citizenship application simply require a self-declaration and not an official copy on letterhead paper with a seal.

You will ask, “Since I’m here, can I double check my dates of residence in Italy?” and the lady will check her computer and write down the proper dates of when you became a resident in Milano. “Grazie, e buona giornata!

Two rings with a yellow frame

Rings image from Wikimedia Commons

Step Three
Therefore, you have procured one official document to add to your collection. Now, you will need to go home (or your preferred place of accessing the internet and a printer) to get copies of the Italian self-declaration (autocertificazioni) forms for you and your spouse. Click here for the autocertificazioni link.

Just print a copy for yourself and one for your spouse, fill out the forms and sign them. They should be just what you need for your citizenship application.

Congratulations! You’ve just unlocked the Italian documents badge! You’re one step closer to having a dual citizenship application to submit!


3 thoughts on “Italian documents badge walkthrough

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    A couple of times I have thought about applying for Italian citizenship, but at the moment I am banging my head against the wall, trying to get my UK driving licence converted to an Italian licence. I may need some sort of therapy before I move onto Italian citizenship.

    Mrs Sensible asked me why I wanted to bother with the hassle, it is difficult to explain, I guess it is the allure of having two passports lol, and the masochist streak 🙂

    I take my hat off to you, please keep the updates coming .

    • JL Walker says:

      Thank you! A friend of mine has been working on a driver’s license, but I’m sticking with the subway and my bike for the moment.

      Best of luck to you!

  2. Jeffrey Sterling, MD says:

    This is a great blog! Your wife must be thrilled that you are honoring her heritage in this way. It reads like a good spy novel… I look forward to your ultimate success. Thanks for the visit and following my blog, Straight, No Chaser.

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