Can I add more time to the clock?

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April 10, 2013 by JL Walker

Milan Duomo with sunlight

Gasp! The pesky countdown I added to this site has counted itself all the way down. That means the deadline I set for myself in January has arrived. And I have no completed application to show for it. Uh oh.

Not to change the subject or anything, but did you know that the Italian word for “time” is the same as the word for “weather?” Tempo. I’m no Latin scholar, but a quick dictionary check tells me that the two meanings derived from two different Latin words, tempus, the word for time, and the word that is related to English’s tempest. But the question to find out how long something takes: “Quanto tempo ci vuole?” uses the same noun as the question to ask about the weather: “Che tempo fa?

To answer that second question, it’s a beautiful, marvelous, sunny day! Che bel tempo che fa!

It reminds me of April 10 three years ago: what a great day to go to the chapel!

Wrist with gold and string bracelets

To everyone here in Milano, I hope you got a chance to enjoy some of today’s sunshine. I have done everything I can to savor the weather, taking a walk during lunch, breathing in the day during my morning and afternoon commutes. I even tried to snap some Duomo pics this morning. But, as often happens when I act like a tourist in the center of town, I was approached and braceleted by a vendor… So that’s why my framing wasn’t that successful.

Today’s anniversary reminds me of the deadline that has now arrived. How did time run out? The reason is that several documents that have been sent across the ocean several times (all related to criminal background checks) have been delayed. So I’m adding more time to the clock on this beautiful day.

Now, I’m off to celebrate!


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