Fingerprints badge, level II walkthrough


January 27, 2013 by JL Walker

After completing Fingerprints badge level I, you may have to repeat the level due your faulty interpretation of the item certificato penale del Paese di origine (the release of my criminal records, or lack thereof, in my country of origin) on your list of documents. This item is extra-special for people from the United States, as far as I can tell. Because some crimes are handled by the federal and some are handled by individual states, US citizens should request criminal records not only from the FBI (for any federal crimes) but also from each state they have lived as residents after the age of 14 (for crimes prosecuted by the state). Luckily, in my case that means requesting records from one state since I moved to the state of Ohio at age 12 and lived there until moving to Milano.

Level II of this badge is very similar to level I. Return to the gabinetto di polizia scientifica, present your golden ticket and do you best to explain why you need this service completed by the Italian police. You will once again need to convince the police officer that even though your golden ticket is not printed on letterhead paper and does not have an official seal, it’s still valid. But just think of that as part of the test.

Double fingerprints on a blue fieldThis level II is actually like a repeat of level I. This means that the task should be even easier the second time around because you’ve been there before.

After washing your hands with some heavy-duty scrub gunk and drying your hands on your handkerchief or a tissue from the packet you keep in your purse, walk calmly out of the police station, clutching your hard-earned fingerprint form. You are now ready to send it on to your home state for processing!


4 thoughts on “Fingerprints badge, level II walkthrough

  1. all our good days says:

    oh my gosh! this reminds me of getting my first permesso di soggiorno all those years ago and having my finger tips and full finger length stamped! They had some awful soap, but no paper towels at the questura… I was completely horrified the first time I went there… I’ve decided that I really need to get my citizenship request started too!

  2. […] Remember that you can get fingerprinted in Italy, it just means longer mailing times back to the […]

  3. gabriella says:

    Hi, I need to do the citizenship request asap. (my permesso expires mid december). I’ve been a resident in CT, AZ, CA, NY and DC. Does that mean I need to request the docs from each state and have them all translated and apostilled? Is there any agency that does this? I am starting to panic.

    • JL Walker says:

      Yeah, as far as I know, you would need criminal records from all the states where you were a resident after the age of 14, plus federal US criminal records. All this takes time, especially with the apostilles and translations. And after you submit your citizenship application, you might have to wait 2-3 years to get citizenship. If you’re in a hurry, definitely contact an agency. I unfortunately don’t have any experience in that area, so using a search engine is my only advice! Best of luck!

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