Passo dopo passo


December 12, 2012 by JL Walker

A couple walks with their dog through the snow in the evening in SalzburgTime for a status update: I’m one baby-step closer to submitting my application. The request for a release of my FBI criminal records has been received by the proper authorities. I know this because I happened to check my credit card statement and noticed a little payment labeled “FBI Record Request.” No phone calls necessary!

This means that the clock is now ticking. I need to step it up and work on getting my other documents together soon. So it’s finally time to open that envelope from the state of Ohio to see how to request a state criminal records check from abroad. I hope I can just buy an inkpad and do some DIY fingerprinting, without having to go back to the questura, since the process is pretty complicated.

Then I’ll start looking into gathering the other documents I need from the US, like my birth certificate, and getting apostilles and translations. Step by step, passo dopo passo, I’m getting a little bit closer to my goal each month.

After struggling with procrastination, I finally set a deadline for when I should get everything in order and submit my application. For lack of better criteria, I chose a significant date, my 3-year wedding anniversary on 10 April 2013. It seems appropriate, since the citizenship application is in fact related to my nuptials. Do you think I can do it?


5 thoughts on “Passo dopo passo

  1. all our good days says:

    Love your anniversary (it’s my birthday!) and choosing a deadline date sounds like a good idea. In under a week it’s my 3 year anniversary. I was pregnant and had NO intention of dealing with burocracy last december, but maybe I should get started now…

  2. Eventually it will happen… at least it teaches what fatalism means!

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Date to submit applicationSeptember 10th, 2015
Time to submit my application for dual citizenship!
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