Fingerprints badge walkthrough


August 5, 2012 by JL Walker

In order to unlock the fingerprints badge, all players must first obtain the golden ticket. Please note that there is more than one way to complete this level and the various steps outline below may depend on city of residence.

List of other characters in this level:

  • poliziotti
  • friends

List of places:

  • local police station
  • central Milan police station
  • Citizenship Office

Before you begin
Make sure your player has these items in the inventory: passport with Italian permit of stay, golden ticket, completed FBI fingerprints form. Bonus points for having a photocopy of the player’s passport. Extra bonus points for choosing business attire over casual clothing (this makes other characters respect your player and may increase overall speed of gameplay).

Step 1
Your first attempt should be to use your golden ticket at the local questura (police station). The poliziotti there will examine the documentation in your inventory but politely refuse to help you complete the level.

City street scene with yellow truckStep 2
Use your phone-a-friend lifeline. She will give you the address of the central police station in Milan, Via Fatebenefratelli 11. When you arrive, the poliziotti will again politely refuse, but this time they will give you directions to another police station, located nearby. The office you will need to find is the Citizenship Office, a part of the Immigration Office. If Step 2 is completed on a Saturday, you will need to wait at least 2 days before beginning Step 3.

Step 3
Go to the Citizenship Office. There, a polite woman will explain that she cannot help you either. But she will give you the name of the correct office located in the building you visited in Step 2. Return to that building, making sure you have memorized the name of the office, the gabinetto di polizia scientifica. Bonus points for players who also remember the name of the polite woman.

Step 4
You have now been refused 3 times and are ready for the final step of the level. The poliziotti at the central police station will take you to the gabinetto di polizia scientifica, where a man in a white coat will roll lots of black ink onto your fingers and take your fingerprints. Before he begins, he will ask you to sign a release form and take a copy of your passport. He will also demand a more official version of your golden ticket, but simply persuade him that this is unnecessary.

Fingerprints badge

Fingerprint image from Wikimedia Commons

At the end of this level, you will receive a sealed and stamped envelope to submit to the FBI for your criminal records (or lack thereof).

You will also receive the following message: Congratulations! You have received your first badge! Your character has improved the following traits: 2 points persistence, 1 point persuasion, 5 points patience.

Good luck on your next level!


18 thoughts on “Fingerprints badge walkthrough

  1. Diane says:

    Love your attitude and approach. Maybe with your help I will also apply for my citizenship. I’ve been married to an Italian for 15 years, living in Italy for 7 and still haven’t been brave enough. I am always stymied with the fingerprints that I need to send to the FBI as the local questura wouldn’t help me. I was tempted to take them myself with a stamp pad at home…then I gave up. Maybe , maybe. I’ll just keep thinking of it as a game! Thanks.

    • JL Walker says:

      Thanks for reading Diane! If you live in Milano, or nearby, just go to this branch of the questura and try to convince them that it’s your right. You could always get fingerprints taken in the US, but I wasn’t planning on traveling to the US in the near future, so I went this route. In bocca al lupo!!

    • Diane says:

      Unfortunately I’m in a small village…not far from a medium size city…in Southern Lazio. My story will be different, but in some ways the same! Thanks for the inspiring attitude. I will try to see it all as a challenging game. I also had trouble having the finger prints taken in the USA (the local police wouldn’t do it on paper even though the FBI said they would accept it–and they wouldn’t give or sell me a fingerprint card either!!)–but at least they were giving me a hard time in English and I understood everything!

  2. Clark Bentson says:

    Anyone found the the gabinetto di polizia scientifica in Rome?? Thanks so much for the tip.. now for the persistance part

  3. […] these phone calls was that I would have to repeat the first level I’ve already completed, the Fingerprints badge, because something had gone wrong during my first try. And it looks like this might be the case, […]

  4. Clark says:

    I admit defeat in finding anyone to do the fingerprinting in Rome. All efforts at questura and local police station were met with shrugs. A contact who works with the gabinetto di polizia scientifica in Milan asked on my behalf and they said no too… (i guess that where the persistence and being in their face comes in)…
    But I had a business meeting in NYC and I thought I would try the police there even though I have never lived there. It was incredibly easy –in and out in 45 minutes with the fingerprints on the correct card. No waiting for the FBI certificate so I can send to the State Dept so I get the Apostille so I can get that translated officially — it is like doing a treasure hunt.

    • Diane says:

      Clark–i’d love details of what and where in NYC as I’ll ne there in December. Did youhave to bring your own card? Cost? Address? Office? Maybe I’ll take step one!

    • JL Walker says:

      All’s well that ends well, right? Yeah, I think the best option would be to get fingerprinted in the US, if that’s an option. I wasn’t planning any trips back home in the near future, so I decided to take my chances here in Milano.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!!

  5. […] This means that the clock is now ticking. I need to step it up and work on getting my other documents together soon. So it’s finally time to open that envelope from the state of Ohio to see how to request a state criminal records check from abroad. I hope I can just buy an inkpad and do some DIY fingerprinting, without having to go back to the questura, since the process is pretty complicated. […]

  6. Sarah says:

    I’m thrilled to find this blog! I have been here for almost 13 years, married for 3 and have an almost 2 year old child. I’m having a hard time overcoming the hurdle of fingerprinting in Florence. I will definitely check with the gabinetto scientifico here, but if anyone else has suggestions, ben venga! Congrats on your fabulous attitude dealing with the pubblica amministrazione in Italy – it’s very exhausting!

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  9. KBW says:

    Question: did you print your fingerprint card on regular A4 computer paper? WAs that acceptable?

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  11. […] within the US is much faster than sending them between continents) and will avoid the whole crazy fingerprinting process in Italy. Since I’m planning a trip to the US sometime in 2015, it’s time to start planning my […]

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