My golden ticket


July 4, 2012 by JL Walker

I’ve got a golden ticket, I’ve got a golden ticket!

My Consulate contact person got back to me and sent this wonderful document, which is included below. I like to think of it as my golden ticket which will magically encourage the police officers to help me out when I go to the police station in a few days. It clearly explains what I need and that the US Consulate has assigned the task of recording my fingerprints to them. Let’s just hope a kind poliziotto will have the heart to help a girl out.

This little piece of paper makes me feel like Charlie from the classic Roald Dahl book and film version starring Gene Wilder, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You know the scene where Charlie and Grandpa Joe sing and dance, dreaming about what they’ve won? Well, I guess I’m not quite that exstatic, but my ticket should give me a chance to start my adventure.

Bi-lingual document


3 thoughts on “My golden ticket

  1. […] order to unlock the fingerprints badge, all players must first obtain the golden ticket. Please note that there is more than one way to complete this level and the various steps outline […]

  2. […] this badge is very similar to level I. Return to the gabinetto di polizia scientifica, present your golden ticket and do you best to explain why you need this service completed by the Italian police. You will once […]

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog, I’m going through the same process now and it’s a relief to see some of the steps. How did you get this letter? Did you have to ask for anything in particular?

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